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D.C.-based Los Caribbeat plays music from the Caribbean, West Africa and Detroit. Utilizing two drummers (kit and congas), keyboards, bass, saxophone, they are able to deliver their musical styles—calypso, Afrobeat, Salsa and even Samba--with a danceable drive that is both modern and authentic. The members have performed music all over the world, and Los Caribbeat's repertoire is a mixture of songs they have written, heard or played over the years. 


Los Caribbeat Bossa



Hello and welcome to Los Caribbeat. Our December gigs at the Downtown Holiday Market, Haydee's and the Boundary Stone  were fun, and so far we are not doing anything until our Second Saturday at Haydee's  on March 10. I should also mention that our website has been and still is under some sort of reorganization, so please bear with us.

Also, we now have a YouTube channel, which has a couple of clips from our December show at the Downtownbe at Haydee's Holiday Market. YouTube los caribbeat ought to get it, one would think, but there's some sort of glitch at the moment (2/25/17). The young man who handles our account is working on it, and until he does, the videos are only accessible by going to the following site: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFfyq_H1CJACc5XdzhIq4g  Thanks for visiting our website and our gigs.


Our long-awaited (at least by us) CD has arrived. We will be selling it at gigs, or if you contact this website, we can make a mailing arrangement.


(The CD was processed and manufactured by Bison Disc, ="http://www.bisondisc.com" and they did a fine job.)


Starting Saturday, April 11, 2015, we will be playing every SECOND Saturday at Haydee's Restaurant / Nightclub, 3102 Mt. Pleasant Street NW.



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